Peter Cibich Award

The Peter Cibich Memorial Award was introduced in 2003. This award is to honour Peter's many years of service and enormous contribution to Steel City. The award is presented annually to the person who has shown outstanding leadership and commitment to the club (Club Person of the Year).

2003 Kevin Harvey                         
2004 Angi Beer  
2005 Robert Rhind  
2006 Dana Phillips  
2007 Steve O'Brien  
2008 Tony Appleyard  
2009 Carol Tooby  
2010 Kallie Higgins  
2011 Nicholas Theologou  
  Stacey Theologou  
2012 Fiona Rhind  
2013 Megan Schuster  
2014 Jesse O'Keefe  
2015 Kerry Custance  
2016 Wayne Gibbons  
2017 Mark Bubicich  
2018 Sharon Gibbons