Life Members

Any person having 10 years rendered exceptional service to the Club may be elected as a Life Member at a General Meeting, provided the nomination is in writing duly proposed by one member and seconded by another. Life Members shall, during the continuance of their life, be entitled to all the rights and privileges of membership without payment of Club membership fees.

1986 Lyal Mutton                         
1989 Peter Cibich*  
1990 Marion Norman  
1991 Scott Duffield  
1993 Bev Eades  
1995 Wendy Holmes  
1999 Tony Appleyard  
2001 Angi Beer  
2004 Ali Stewart  
  John Pudney  
2005 Hamish Stewart  
2006 Robert Rhind  
2008 Linda O'Malley-Appleyard  
  Con Theologou  
2009 Steve O'Brien  
2010 Andrew Collins  
2012 Nicholas Theologou  
  Carol Tooby  
  Kallie Higgins  
2013 Stacey Theologou  
2018 Megan Corbett