Season 2019


2019 Club Registration Information & Link

The fee structure and registration process will remain the same as 2018. Players are required to register a Hockey SA Individual Registration and a Club Membership registration; everyone should have completed a club registration online or with a paper form prior to playing.

We ask that all playing members please complete the Hockey SA registration online before the start of round 4. Simply follow the link below and ensure you click Player when asked ‘Which member types are you registering as’ question. You will be required to pay the Hockey SA fee online at the time of registration.

Juniors who will be using the ORS sports voucher, the club will pay the Hockey SA fee for you and claim the total fee back through the voucher. Please ensure you speak with Stacey Theologou or Kerry Custance before registering online.

A computer will be available at all matches & trainings for the few weeks. For further information or assistance through the registration process, please contact Stacey on 0428 162 400.

How to Register:

1. Click on the ‘Register Now’ button below

2. This will open a Hockey Australia login in a new tab in your browser

3. Sign in using your details from last season. If you’re a new member, click ‘Don’t have an account’ to create a login.

4. Once logged in, pick the name of the member you would like to register.

5. Fill in the details as required.

6. You will be able to select from the following member types: Player, Social Member or Life Member

7. Follow the instructions and complete your registration.


Register Now Button


2019 Club Fees & Payment Options:

Members can pay their fees using any of the following options ...

  1. Pay online, or
  2. Direct Debit (BSB: 325185 / ACC: 01973296), or
  3. Cash to Kerry Custance (Treasurer), Stacey Theologou (President) or fee collectors, or
  4. Cheque to Kerry Custance (Treasurer), Stacey Theologou (President) or fee collectors
Steel City Hockey Club 2019 Fees Club Hockey SA Total
Senior $140.00 $113.73 $253.73
Junior / u18 Playing Seniors $100.00 $52.77 $152.77
Junior / u18 $20.00 $52.77 $72.77
Come & Try Player TBA - $-
Social Member $20.00 $0.00 $20.00
Life Member $0.00 $0.00 $0.00


heja - Team communication app for 2019

The club is using the heja app in 2019. heja is a sports team management and messaging app for coaches, managers, parents and players. To download the app please go to 

Your coach will post the match each week for you to select your (or your child’s) availability. We encourage all our playing members to jump on and stay connected.

Please speak with your Coach or Team Manager for more information and the access code (we will not be sharing these online to maintain privacy to all teams).


Team Contacts
Club Coach   Stacey Theologou 0428162400
Division 1 Men Coach:  Tony Appleyard - Apples  
  Team Manager:  Wayne Gibons - Gibbo  
Division 1 Women Coach:  Mark Bubicich  
  Team Manager:  Megan Schuster  
Division 2 Men Coach:  Jesse O'Keefe - Plugger  
  Team Manager:    
Division 2 Women Coach:  Mirella Marino  
  Team Manager:  Carol Tooby  
Boys U16 Coach:  Jesse O'Keefe - Plugger  
  Team Manager:  Matt Bennetts  
Girls U16 Coach:  Megan Corbert  
  Team Manager:     
Boys U13 Coach:  Mal Pudney  
  Team Manager:  Stacey Theologou  
Girls U13 Coach:  Glenn Smith  
  Team Manager:  Kerry Custance